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Construction Infrastructure & Achitecture Product Design

Construction infrastructure fiberglass and architectural product designs are MFG specialties.

A few examples of our construction infrastructure fiberglass capabilities include:

  • One-piece round column forms (Fiberglass RCF manufacturing)
  • Fiberglass forms for architectural product designs
  • Fiberglass custom forms for cast-in-place concrete construction applications
  • Composite columns/FRP columns
  • Custom fiberglass bridge beams and other FRP bridge components

With over 30 years of product design and manufacturing experience and 8 locations nationwide, our technicians can help you determine if our fiberglass products can be a solution for your construction infrastructure or architectural product design needs. Select one of the following and an expert will contact you:

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Our fiberglass designs incorporate components that are consolidated during the molded fiberglass manufacturing process, significantly lowering installation and maintenance costs. These low cost fiberglass product designs can be molded with excellent mechanical properties, providing the perfect architectural product design solution.

An example of innovation in MFG architectural product design was the Bob Evans project to develop and manufacture FRP products to replace existing wood posts, railings and decoration.

The fiberglass railings and fiberglass decorations are an excellent substitute for wood architectural components, as they do not require paint will never rot. Since the construction infrastructure fiberglass products were consolidated during molding, installation cost was reduced by 50%! This low cost method of construction is now replicated around the U.S. in hundreds of architectural designs. The Bob Evans story demonstrates some of the advantages of using molded fiberglass in construction.

A few more advantages of fiberglass over wood construction are:

  • Lower installation costs for fiberglass
  • Re-usable molds equal lower cost construction of chain establishments that bear identical fiberglass facades
  • No maintenance needed for construction infrastructure fiberglass makes it a low cost substitute for wood over time
  • Architectural product designs with construction infrastructure fiberglass products can be manufactured with a finish, making them more aesthetically appealing

Whether you are looking to find a construction infrastructure fiberglass manufacturer for incremental product improvement, material conversion or new architectural product design - let’s have a conversation about putting MFG’s composites genius to work for you.