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Cost saving benefits of Fiberglass in Product Development and Manufacturing

Cost advantage of fiberglass over steel and other materials in product manufacturing and product development include the shipping, tooling, aerodynamics, and many more.

Examples of  the Cost Saving Benefits of Fiberglass Products From MFG West in California:

  • Lower product manufacturing costs for fiberglass versus steel for complex molded fiberglass parts
  • MFG west has been manufacturing molded fiberglass parts since 1985, and our expertise leads to more successful prototype creation and lower product development costs
  • Durable and impact resistant fiberglass parts lead to lower replacement and maintenance costs
  • Advantage of fiberglass’ flexible product designs allow for aerodynamic and lightweight fiberglass vehicle parts which can lower fuel costs
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Lightweight product designs translate into lower cost transportation than metal parts based on fuel savings. Additionally, low emission product manufacturing inflicts less of an environmental price than other manufacturing methods. MFG West also prides itself in creating an advantage of fiberglass products through in-house engineering, prototyping and product development.

For all product development and sourcing needs, MFG West offers rapid prototyping, and design flaw solutions for a wide variety of fiberglass product design and development projects and low cost alternatives to steel. The advantage of fiberglass product manufacturing with MFG West is clear from a look at some of our past projects. These manufacturing innovations include weight reduction, part consolidation, and structural improvements that have provided significant advantage of fiberglass in cost savings for our clients. We encourage you to take a look!