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Heavy Truck Manufacturing and Body Parts for Commercial Trucks

Heavy truck manufacturing parts and fiberglass body parts for commercial trucks from MFG are manufactured with high strength lightweight composites.

Some of MFGs Heavy Truck Manufacturing Capabilities Include:

  • Development, design and manufacturing Heavy Truck Exterior Panels and body parts for commercial trucks
  • Development, design and manufacturing commercial Vehicle interior parts
  • Under hood commercial truck panel manufacturing
  • Designing and manufacturing fiberglass fan shrouds, windshield wiper housings, battery boxes, engine covers, and firewalls
  • Designing and manufacturing fiberglass under ride protectors, door surrounds, load floors, and trim panels

With over 30 years of product design and manufacturing experience and 5 locations nationwide, our technicians can help you determine if our fiberglass products can be a solution for your commercial truck manufacturing project. Select one of the following and an expert will contact you:

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MFG supplies important fiberglass vehicle interior and exterior parts that are lightweight solutions for heavy truck manufacturing. Molded fiberglass is a desirable substitute for steel in body parts for commercial trucks because of the lightweight nature of molded fiberglass versus steel. FRP parts offer fuel economy and aerodynamic vehicle designs.

MFG spurred the trend of composite material heavy truck manufacturing designs in the 1960’s. Today we are one of the foremost suppliers of body parts for commercial trucks - class 6, 7 and 8. With sales exceeding 40,000 units per year, we are the top producer of composite roof caps, or FRP roof caps, in North America. We surpass the next largest supplier of fiberglass body part for commercial trucks by a significant margin.

By offering the full gamut of advanced fiberglass material heavy truck manufacturing and fiberglass design processes, we can support specific heavy truck manufacturing design requirements for appearance, aerodynamics, durability and weight. Our involvement in other demanding industries augments the value we bring to truck OEM’s looking to procure body parts for commercial trucks.

We have gained material breakthroughs such as advanced fiber reinforcement and alternate resin technologies that help reduce the weight of body parts for commercial trucks. Our dedicated heavy truck manufacturing R&D research and testing laboratory is approved for composite processes and fiberglass materials by the leading truck OEM’s.

In addition to body parts for commercial trucks like basic molded panels, we provide installation of commercial vehicle interior parts including cable and wiring, insulation, cabinets, lighting and trim panels.

Heavy Truck Manufacturing Value Added Services:

  • In-mold Coating Fiberglass Components
  • Weight/mass Reduction over Steel and Other Materials
  • Packaging Design Support for Heavy Truck Parts
  • Commercial Truck Part Consolidation
  • Best In Class Fiberglass Vehicle Component Innovation
  • Heavy Truck Part Proto+ Prototyping
  • Vehicle Design Project Management Team

Molded Fiberglass Heavy Truck Manufacturing Plants located across the USA and Mexico enable JIT delivery and minimize transportation expense in shipping body parts for commercial trucks.

Quality and Other Certifications:

  • ISO-9001, ISO/TS-16949 and ISO 14001 Manufacturer
  • NCP rate < 50 PPM