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Markets We Serve – An Innovative Product Development Multi-industry Fiberglass Manufacturer

Product development at MFG – a world class fiberglass manufacturer – spans a large number of industrial applications ranging from construction supply to renewable energy product design.

A Few of the Markets We Serve Include:

With over 60 years of product design and manufacturing experience, and 8 locations nationwide, MFG has the experience and innovative spirit to create design solutions for your industry. Select one of the following and one of our experts will contact you:

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Multi-Industry Manufacturing of FRP/ Fiberglass Composites and Product Development, view all of our markets we server below:

Construction Infrastructure and Architectural Fiberglass Manufacturer

MFG is equipped to solve a range of needs for construction infrastructure product development, and also as an architectural fiberglass manufacturer. Our services range from designing and building one-piece round column forms to custom manufacturing bridge supports, along with many other high strength fiberglass products. More About Construction and Architectural Fiberglass »

Military and Defense Fiberglass Product Development

MFG has been entrusted with manufacturing vehicle parts that are resistant to Improvised Explosive Devices, and also with designing parts with ballistic properties that keep the U.S. military safe. One of these important product development projects was a fiberglass fuel cell for a fighting vehicle. For custom military product development and manufacturing MFG is the molded fiberglass manufacturer that innovates design solutions. More About Military and Defense Fiberglass Products »

Transportation and Rail Fiberglass Manufacturer

As a partner with top locomotive manufacturers like general electric, MFG supplies important fiberglass components that are lightweight fiberglass manufacturing solutions for railcars and engines. Molded fiberglass is a desirable substitute for steel on locomotives in many cases because of the ability to manufacture complex products with a single mold. More About Fiberglass Transportation and Rail Product Development »

Heavy Truck Fiberglass Body Parts

High strength FRP body parts are vital to the design of heavy trucks and other work vehicles. With our expertise as an award winning molded fiberglass manufacturer, the highest level of fiberglass durability can be achieved. Product development using our state of the art Reaction Injection Molded Fiberglass manufacturing process produces the best strength-to-weight-ratio parts in the industry. More About Heavy Truck Body Product Development »

Renewable Energy Product Development and Design

MFG has long been an industry leader in manufacturing renewable energy fiberglass products. With our full research and development laboratory and team of new green product design engineers, MFG has served as a solar panel manufacturer, electric car designer, and an innovative green product manufacturing company. We pride ourselves in being an environmentally friendly fiberglass manufacturer in our processes, and in manufacturing environmentally friendly products. More About Renewable Energy Products »

Fiberglass Manufacturer For Water Management

Setting industry standards for over 50 years, Molded Fiber Glass Water Treatment Products Company (MFG WTP) is committed to advancing integrated innovation in fiber glass reinforced plastic (FRP) product development for the industrial, water & wastewater treatment industry. We are an NSF 61 and ISO 9001:2008 certified fiberglass manufacturer, and meet or exceed guidelines set for ANSI/AWWA certified manufacturers. More About Fiberglass Water Management Products »

Whether you are looking to find a molded fiberglass manufacturer for incremental product improvement, material conversion or original product development - let’s have a conversation about putting MFG’s composites genius to work for you.