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Military & Defense Manufacturing. A Government Supplier of Fiberglass Parts

MFG is a government supplier for military and defense manufacturing projects.

Our past military & defense manufacturing accomplishments have included:

  • Product Development of IED proof fiberglass fuel cells for the Bradley Fighting Vehicle
  • Manufacturing exterior panels (fiberglass hoods, fenders, hatchbacks, doors, window frames, tool/stowage boxes)
  • Military and defense manufacturing, development and design of structural military vehicle components
  • Government supplier of high durability fiberglass parts

With over 60 years of product design and manufacturing experience and 8 locations nationwide, our technicians can help you determine if our fiberglass products can be a solution for your military or defense manufacturing project. Select one of the following and an expert will contact you:

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MFG fulfills government acquisition requests with on-time delivery, and cost-effective fiberglass design solutions. We manufacture high-impact durable fiberglass parts for our military’s toughest assignments.

The high strength material characteristics of composites are ideally suited to many military and defense manufacturing products, and MFG has a strong record of successful defense sourcing with agencies such as DARPA as well as with prime and sub-contracting government suppliers.

Product manufacturers in the molded fiberglass market place high value on the skills that are MFG’s key strengths as a government supplier: Outside-the-box problem solving, weight reduction of parts, corrosion resistant parts, part consolidation, engineering support and prototyping for military and defense manufacturing.

By offering the full gamut of advanced materials and processes, we can support specific military and defense manufacturing design requirements for appearance, aerodynamics, durability and weight.

MFG is a resourced government supplier and is staffed to meet defense acquisition needs in the areas of quality assurance, JIT delivery and project management.

Rigorous military and defense manufacturing program management during product design, tool building, first article approval and production launch ensures synchronization with your delivery needs.