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MFG Renewable Energy Manufacturing – A “Green” Solar Panel Manufacturer and Wind Turbine Manufacturer

Renewable energy manufacturing is a natural fit with MFG composite FRP products. We use environmentally friendly processes to distinguish MFG as an innovative solar panel manufacturer and wind turbine manufacturer.

Capabilities of MFG as a Wind Turbine and Solar Panel Manufacturer:

  • Manufacturing fiberglass land-based, underwater and off-shore wind turbine manufacturer
  • Lightweight aerodynamic fiberglass blade wind turbine manufacturer
  • Manufacturing nacelles and spinners
  • Retrofitting wind turbine parts with FRP design solutions
  • Manufacturing of solar racking components using molded fiberglass
  • Designing and manufacturing solar panel housings
  • Manufacturing fiberglass solar panel dishes

With over 30 years of product design and manufacturing experience and 5 locations nationwide, our technicians can help you determine if our fiberglass products can be a solution for your renewable energy manufacturing project. Select one of the following and an expert will contact you:

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With our full research and development laboratory, and team of new product design engineers, MFG has served as a solar panel manufacturer, electric car component manufacturer, and an innovative green product development company. We pride ourselves in being an environmentally friendly manufacturing company in our processes, and in manufacturing environmentally friendly products.

MFG is the top choice for designing the green products that are emerging for various renewable energy manufacturing needs. Molded fiberglass is strong, light, durable and highly configurable – and often the greenest production option as well.

MFG has provided some of the industry leaders and OEM’s as a quality fiberglass wind turbine manufacturer, solar panel manufacturer, and in a wide variety of renewable energy manufacturing applications.

Other renewable energy product manufacturing capabilities and certifications:

  • ISO-9001 Renewable Energy Manufacturing
  • Electric Vehicle Design
  • Manufacturing Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
  • Producing Molded fiberglass through environmentally friendly manufacturing

To meet your renewable energy manufacturing and delivery needs, MFG has a network of strategically located factories across North America that features the highest standards of composite manufacturing technologies. As a wind turbine manufacturer and solar panel manufacturer, our network of factories enables Just In Time delivery and efficient transportation options for improved flexibility and cost-savings.