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Molded Fiberglass Component Supplier for Mass Transportation & Rail Manufacturing

MFG is a world class mass transportation manufacturing and rail manufacturing FRP component supplier.

MFG has provided the following mass transportation & rail manufacturing services:

  • Supplier for light and metro rail fiberglass components
  • Supplier for subway fiberglass components
  • Regional passenger and high speed rail component manufacturer
  • Heavy freight rail fiberglass component manufacturer
  • Mass transit component supplier
  • Designing and manufacturing locomotive consoles
  • Development and design of a range of locomotive manufacturing components

With over 30 years of product design and manufacturing experience and 8 locations nationwide, our technicians can help you determine if our fiberglass products can be a solution for your mass transit or locomotive manufacturing project. Select one of the following and an expert will contact you:

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Our reputation as a top molded fiberglass mass transit component supplier has grown with our expertise over our years of manufacturing high quality molded fiberglass parts for thousands of applications. We are trusted as a molded fiberglass manufacturer for GE and other respected mass transportation manufacturing and locomotive manufacturing companies.

MFG supplies fiberglass components that are lightweight locomotive manufacturing solutions for railcars and engines. Molded fiberglass is a desirable substitute for steel on locomotives in many cases, because of the ability to manufacture complex products with a single mold.

Some of the specific molded fiberglass parts for mass transportation manufacturing and locomotive manufacturing include:

  • Fiberglass exterior nose cones, and front and end mask locomotive manufacturing
  • Exterior and interior fiberglass panel design and locomotive manufacturing
  • Manufacturing overhead storage compartments and sign enclosures
  • Custom designed fiberglass seating, dash covers, fenders and bumpers for locomotive manufacturing
  • Designing lightweight engine and motor covers for mass transportation manufacturing

MFG offers full project management services for locomotive parts manufacturing, design and engineering expertise, and value-added fiberglass manufacturing services. Our mass transportation manufacturing parts supply services include innovative prototyping and light-weight and strong mass transit components. We design corrosion and impact resistant fiberglass body parts, making MFG the ideal locomotive manufacturing component supplier.