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Vacuum Infused Molding at MFG West

When the need for control of glass ratio is critical, MFG West uses vacuum infused molding (also known as Vacuum Assisted Resin Transfer Molding).

MFG West realizes several benefits from this molding process, including:

  • High quality parts
  • High strength
  • Flexible tooling
  • Lower ventilation costs
  • Low investment costs

Some good examples of MFG West’s vacuum infused molding products are:

  • Ballistic panels
  • Prototypes
  • Refrigerated railcar roofs
  • Inner structure reinforcements
  • Wind Turbine - nacelle and spinners


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Vacuum infused molding is performed with pressure assistance inside the cavity of a closed mold. A VIM mold has two rigid surfaces; the flexible film is sealed to the rigid surface. In addition, there are two vents to the sealed mold. One vent is used to remove air from the mold cavity and another to permit the liquid resin to be drawn into the cavity through negative pressure. Once the resin is cured, the part is removed from the rigid mold producing a uniform composite part.
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