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Composite Parts for Water Management Plants From MFG – A Water and Wastewater Manufacturer

As a water and wastewater manufacturer for over 30 years, MFG has taken the lead in the creation of innovative molded fiberglass parts for water treatment plants.

A Few Examples of MFG Services for Water Management:

  • Fiberglass structural plant component manufacturing
  • Fiberglass grating and cover manufacturing
  • Parshall Flumes manufacturing for water and wastewater systems
  • Plant rail and handrail design and manufacturing
  • Miscellaneous parts for water treatment plants
  • Manufacturing FRP piping systems

With over 30 years of product design and manufacturing experience and 5 locations nationwide, MFG West in California offers expertise as a water and wastewater manufacturer, and fast, low-cost shipping of water treatment FRP products. Our technicians can help you determine if our fiberglass products can be a solution for your project. Select one of the following:

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FRP material systems can maximize the efficiency of parts for water treatment plant equipment. MFG’s strong in-house water and wastewater manufacturer capabilities are ideal for manufacturing advanced parts for water treatment plants that optimize performance and appearance. The resulting finished water infrastructure components can be seen in water and wastewater manufacturing solutions worldwide. Some of MFG’s information about building water systems can be found below.

MFG Parts For Water Treatment Plants

NSF 61 Weir Manufacturing for Water Treatment:

Fiberglass Weirs are used to control the flow of water into the launders or troughs. The flow can be increased or decreased by raising or lowering the molded fiberglass weir. The size of the "V" or notch also relates to the flow rate. The water and wastewater manufacturer can optimize the design of these parts by using custom resins and fiber types.

NSF 61 Density Current Baffle Water System Parts:

Fiberglass Density Current Baffle (DCB) are designed by the water and wastewater manufacturer to ensure currents are minimized within a clarifying system.

The DCB eliminates the effect created by density currents flowing up the clarifier wall of the wastewater treatment system, which prevents suspended solids from settling properly and allows the solids to flow directly into the effluent trough.

MFG is a manufacturer of the Effluent Launder Baffle, Submerged Flow Deflection Baffle, Upflow Baffle, and Stamford Baffle® - synonymous with Density Current Baffles, and other fiberglass parts for water treatment plants.


NSF 61 Scum Baffle Parts for Water Treatment Plants:

Fiberglass Baffles (or, scum baffles) serve as a stop plate in front of the weir or trough preventing floating solids from flowing over the water system weir or trough.

NSF 61 Fiberglass Launder Cover Manufacturing

Fiberglass Launder Covers are a parts for water treatment plants used for wastewater odor control systems. They are useful for the prevention of algae growth as molded fiberglass products for water treatment can be designed to block sunlight.

To meet your delivery needs as a water and wastewater manufacturer, MFG has a network of strategically located factories across North America that features the highest standards of composite manufacturing technologies. As a manufacturer of parts for water treatment plants, our network of factories enables Just In Time delivery and efficient transportation options for improved flexibility and cost-savings.

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